Call of Duty: Warzone

Call of Duty: Warzone game profile for best-preset configuration for mouse and keyboard.

DO NOT run any scripts or GamePacks until you are happy with your mouse movement as they can have an adverse effect on performance if not designed correctly for mouse and keyboard use.

Info: When following this guide we recommend setting the DPI of your mouse to 4000.

If playing on console it is recommended to set the Polling Rate to 250 and 1000 if playing on PC.

If you prefer to use a different DPI you will need to adjust the sensitivity in MK Settings to compensate for a different mouse DPI. A lower DPI will require a raised sensitivity while a high dpi would benefit from a lower sensitivity.

To get the best experience playing Warzone you will need to go into your In-Game "Controller" options and set a few settings before playing. Using the following settings will perform for making small adjustments and allow quick movements.

In-Game Settings

Once in "Controller" options match the following settings below to your In-Game settings.

  • Left Stick Min Input Deadzone - 0.10
  • Right Stick Min Input Deadzone - 0.10
  • Left Stick Max Input Deadzone - 1.00
  • Right Stick Max Input Deadzone - 1.00
  • Horizontal Sensitivity - 20 (Insane)
  • Vertical Sensitivity - 20 (Insane)
  • Camera Movement: Least (50%) (Graphics)

  • Aim Response Curve Type: Standard

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Zen Studio M&K Settings

Next, you will need to open up Zen Studio and click the M&K Settings which is located at the top right of Zen Studio all the way to the right. The first thing to do once in M&K Settings is to assign the button mapping settings. This is a matter of personal preference though you will want to ensure that each button for the controller has at least one keyboard key or mouse key assigned to it. Each profile does have the ability for secondary binds along with 4 optional auxiliary profiles should you want custom settings for a specific scenario.

To set a bind, double click the button you want to bind then press the key or mouse button you wish to use as the bind. Should you make a mistake and want to cancel set a bind press and hold the Escape key on your keyboard. A bind can also be cleared by holding the Backspace key on your keyboard.

Important: Binds for mouse and keyboard can be done with the mouse and keyboard connected to your PC, Zen, and even laptop keyboard. It is important to note though that should you want to either cancel or clear a bind you will need to use a keyboard connected to your PC or laptop keyboard. Using a keyboard connected to the Zen will not cancel or clear a bind.

Next match the following settings

  • Tuning - Sensitivity 17.89
  • Tuning - X/Y Ratio 1.01
  • Tuning - Boost 0.00
  • Tuning - Smoothness 0
  • Translator - Deadzone Compensation X 9.25 (XBOX) 8.75 (PLAYSTATION)
  • Translator - Deadzone Compensation Y 9.75 (XBOX) 9.25 (PLAYSTATION)
  • Translator - Deadzone Shape COD
  • Translator - Analog Stickize 142.00

The ballistic curve can be left as is. Should you want a more customized feel though we recommend going into a Plunder match or Warzone Orientation to adjust the curve and test out movement. Below is a curve that many of our testers enjoyed. This allows for quick and smooth movement while also giving a nice boost to the in game Aim Assist. The Tuning and Translator settings above can also be set by copying the appropriate code and then click paste in Zen Studio.


Download Profile

Info: The above process will need to be done at least once for both the Hip and ADS profile. Auxiliary profiles are optional.

Once you have finished and got everything where you like it to be save the settings to your Zen by clicking the glowing checkmark in a circle on the left of the screen and you are all set. If after tuning your settings using the above guide and you feel the movement is too quick first try reducing your sensitivity in MK Settings or reduce the In-Game sensitivity. Adjusting the In-Game sensitivity can also help with eliminating any pixel jumping that may occur.

Due to how mouse and keyboard work it is also recommended to set the in-game Aim Assist to Precision. This will give you an extremely sticky Aim Assist and works amazingly with Zen.

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Updated 06 May 2022
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