Controller Test (w/ Script)

How to test Cronus Zen and controller functionality while also teaching you how to program scripts at the same time 🙂

Cronus Zen USB Port/Button Labels
Cronus Zen USB Port/Button Labels

When testing, setting up, or gaming on a PC, make sure the CONSOLE micro-USB cable, and PROG mini-USB cable are both connected at the same time.

If using an Xbox controller, set Zen Studio > Device > Output to AUTO and connect the controller to A1 - or if using a PlayStation controller, set Zen Studio > Device > PS REMOTE PLAY to enabled and also connect the controller to A1, the PC will correctly detect all PlayStation-only outputs, such as Adaptive Triggers, Touchpad, Gyroscope and Accelerometer. It's that simple!

Both CONSOLE & PROG USB connected to a Windows PC
Both CONSOLE & PROG USB connected to a Windows PC

Zen Test Script

Here's a fantastic test script written by popular Cronus Community Moderator and GPC script expert, TaylorDrift21. It puts the Cronus Zen and your controller through every possible test so you can see what's working, or what isn't.

Requires Zen firmware and Zen Studio .

Tests include:

  • Controller Tests (both Zen Input and Windows Output)
  • Device Monitor Repeater (View Live Input Values)
  • Button Tests
  • Touchpad Tests
  • Stick Tests
  • Trigger Tests
  • Gyroscope/Accelerometer Tests
  • Rumble/Vibration Tests
  • Battery Test
  • Equipment In Use
  • Led Tester Viewer
  • Zen Calculator
  • Ascii Viewer

Program the Script

Open Zen Studio to download, compile, and then program the Test Script to an available memory slot.

1️⃣ Select the Library tab 2️⃣ Type 'taylordrift21' in the search box and click the magnifying glass 3️⃣ Look for the script called 'Cronus Zen Controller Test GPC 32bit' and click the download button 4️⃣ The script will automatically download to the Compiler in Zen Studio.

Document image
Document image

5️⃣ Press F5 to Build & Run the script (or select Compiler > Build & Run from the menu). This will send the script directly to your Cronus Zen's Virtual Memory without programming to a physical memory slot. It will show in Device Monitor as Slot 10.

Document image

6️⃣ If you wish to program the script to a physical memory slot so you can test your controller without being connected to Zen Studio, press F7 (or select Compiler > Compile from the menu).

The compiler output window will looks something like this:

Document image

7️⃣ Select the Programmer tab

  1. Select the GPC Scripts Menu button on the left
  2. The compiled script was called 'New', click and drag it to an empty memory slot
  3. Click the Program button - this will flash all memory slots in less than 20 seconds
  4. Press the memory slot button until 'CRONUS ZEN Controller Test' appears on the screen

Document image

OLED Menu Navigation:

  • Enter Main Menu: Press and hold LT+ MENU (XBOX) or L2+OPTIONS (PlayStation)
  • Main Menu Navigation: Press D-PAD UP/DOWN to scroll through the categories
  • Category Navigation: Press D-PAD LEFT/RIGHT to scroll through different options
  • Enter/Exit Test Options: Press A/CROSS to enter any of the options, B/CIRCLE to exit

Controller Test Options

There are three ways to test that the Cronus Zen and your Console/PC is detecting all controller outputs correctly.

Zen Hardware

  • Button Test: Press Any button to display the button you have pressed / You can press multiple at the same time.
  • Analog Test: Move either your left/right stick to show the input of the sticks.
  • Trigger Test: Press any of the triggers to show the input LT/L2 & RT/R2.
  • Touchpad Test: Press touchpad to display the input/value. Press X/SQUARE to toggle between 1finger and 2finger tests.
  • Gyro/Acc Test: Tilt the PS controller to display the output/value.
  • OLED Screen Test Options: Enter tests press A/CROSS, exit tests press B/CIRCLE.
  • Ascii Viewer: Press D-PAD UP/DOWN to go through all available Ascii constants.
  • LED Test: Enter tests press A/CROSS, exit tests press B/CIRCLE.
  • Manual LED: Adjust Press D-PAD UP/DOWN to select Red/Green/Blue.

Info: Some tests are not currently working for the DualSense controller such as Triggers and Rumble tests. This is being investigated.

Device Monitor

The Device Monitor shows real-time information about your Cronus Zen: I/O data, CPU Load, VM Speed, Battery Info, 3 x USB & 2 x Bluetooth Input display, VID/PID info, Memory Slot Information & Control, Controller Power/Charging status, Rumble Data, LED Data, HIP & ADS Mouse & Keyboard Outputs, and more!

This is an essential tool for testing controllers and debugging GPC scripts. Simply open Zen Studio and press F3 to load the Device Monitor, or from the menu Tools > Device Monitor.

Device Monitor
Device Monitor

Windows PC

Simply visit the website and if you can see your controller like the example below, then Windows is detecting everything correctly. You can now use your controller in any PC game.

DualShock 4 and
DualShock 4 and

Zen Calculator

To use the ZEN Calculator Press Cross/A, To exit the ZEN Calculator - press Circle/B.

When the ZEN calculator is displayed Press Right/Left to highlight which option you wish to change, If you have selected any of the 3 options, Press Up/Down or Hold Up/Down to change values/calculations. Once you have chosen the values and whether you multiply/divide/subtract/add, press Cross/A to display the complete calculation.

Zen Games

To enter any of the ZEN Games - press Cross/A, To exit any of the ZEN Games - press Circle/B.

ZEN Snake: Once you have entered into the ZEN Snake game, you will see displayed.

Play - Highscore - Credits - Instructions.

To play ZEN Snake, Press Square/X, Use your D-PAD on your controller to navigate the snake, To Exit ZEN Snake back to Zen Snake Main Menu, Press Triangle/Y, To reset Zen Snake - Press Share/Menu, To Pause Zen Snake - Press Options to change High Score name "3 characters" - Press Up/Down to Exit Zen Snake back to Test options Press Circle/B

Ping Pong: Once you have entered the Ping Pong - Use your Left/Right Sticks to control the OLED bars on the screen, To exit Ping Pong - Press Circle/B. 32 Bit GetPolar(): 32 Bit has a brand new function built into the ZEN, using this function you are able to retrieve the Angle and Radius of your right stick position - You can see for yourself on the OLED screen, just move your right stick around to retrieve the information.

Updated 23 May 2022
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