E3 Error Code Fix

Why do Error Codes Happen? Error events are usually caused by compiling or programming a badly coded script, using a script that is designed for a newer firmware version (example trying to compile a 16bit script with a 32bit compiler), Zen Studio has possibly become corrupted, or you are using an input device (mouse, keyboard, controller etc.) that is not compatible with Zen - Don't panic, it does not necessarily mean your Zen is faulty.

This is why it is important to make sure your Zen is updated to the latest firmware at all times, and that any script you use has been verified by the author or another user to be compatible with the latest version of Zen.

E3XXX Error Code

An E3 error code like E3001 or E3002 is a full system crash that is usually correct by simply removing all power from the Zen and then reconnect the cables.

If the E3 error keeps coming back, that is usually when a firmware update has corrupted or connecting an input device that is not compatible. It can also happen if you are using a corrupted script.

If you ever get an E3 error code, first unplug the USB cables, wait a few seconds, then try again. If it sticks at an E3 error, don't waste your time doing a hard reset as the firmware has likely become corrupted so force Zen into bootloader mode to downgrade the firmware. Also make sure the PROG (mini-USB) and CONSOLE/PC (micro-USB) cables are firmly connected.

Restoring access to your Cronus Zen requires a downgrade to , unplug the Zen, the connect again and upgrade to . A pretty quick and simple process that takes no more than 60 seconds.

Step by step instructions can be found here 👇

Program Zen Firmware

Failed Recovery?

If you have an input device like a mouse or keyboard that causes an E3XXX error each time you connect to the Zen, it's most likely that the device is not yet supported, or perhaps a driver bug in the firmware.

If this happens to you, we ask that you post a bug report to the community and alert an admin so that we can get it fixed as quickly as possible.

If your Zen has failed to recover from this error code and you have tried different USB cables, unloaded all GamePacks and scripts, and even did a Hard Reset, then sadly the Zen has likely developed a fault and should be replaced under its warranty.

Updated 06 Jun 2022
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