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Every Community Supported GamePack has an Instruction Manual, a dedicated Discord Support Channel, and its own section of the Cronus Support Forums. This page will guide you to the answers you are looking for.

🎯 GamePack Help:

GamePack support is given separately from Zen Hardware/Software support. You can actually speak directly to the developers of the pack in their own dedicated channels which you can find on the Cronus Discord server or the Cronus forums.

Note: Provide as much detail as possible, including your exported GCI settings and all in-game settings. Screenshots are preferable.

🩺 Script Help:

Script support is given separately from Zen Hardware/Software support. You should either speak to the author of the script for assistance or post a copy of the script to one of the GPC Script support channels which you can find on the Cronus Discord server or the Cronus forums.

Most users who report that they can't load any scripts didn't read the instructions on using the Legacy 16bit compiler when loading old 16bit scripts (See the Device Panel to enable the option). Also note that MANY scripts will now be out of date and will not compile. Ask the author to fix their script, or if its your script you can fix it yourself by checking the GPC guide for all the changes.

Note: without a copy of the script you are having trouble with, no one will be able to assist.

What are GamePacks?

Don't know how to code? No experience with GPC scripting? Need a full set of mods for your favorite game without any complicated instructions that are guaranteed to work? Introducing the famous Cronus GamePacks. There are two kinds of GamePacks available, the PRO GamePacks and the Community Support GamePacks.

PRO GamePacks

These are exclusively written by our Strike Pack colleagues. Get a taste of the Strike Pack MODs, now available in Zen Studio for the most popular games, without paying for a ModPass subscription! Unfortunately, there is no live community support available for these GamePacks. There is however excellent PDF documentation and YouTube setup videos which can be accessed from the Programmer panel in Zen Studio. If you need to contact the ModPass team, here's a direct link to their contact form.

Community GamePacks

These are developed and supported by GPC script experts in the community, who are on hand to listen to your feedback, implement feature requests, make improvements, and fix any bugs that you or others may have found. This is what is so special about the Cronus Community, everything is maintained and improved directly from the input given by you guys. Cronus Community GamePack developers spend hundreds of hours playing the most recent titles to unlock every available exploit so that they can regularly maintain the latest weapons, latest anti-recoil values, latest aim-assist values, while making sure any mod-blocking technology is circumvented - you even get access to incredible MODs like WEAPON AI 😁

To get support for the Community GamePacks, you first need to have your Zen registered with the Cronus Community (both Forums and Discord). If you have not yet joined, you can find simple instructions on the Join the Cronus Community page.




so if you can't get a specific feature in a GamePack working, or don't understand how it works - create a post in the correct category of Zen GamePack Forums.

A section of the Zen GamePack Support Community
A section of the Zen GamePack Support Community

Info: Look for the 'stickies' at the top of each section highlighted in yellow. Here's you'll find important updates and information relevant to each GamePack. Be sure to read the "How to get HELP...." instructions which tell you exactly what information we need so your issue can be resolved as quickly as possible 👇

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Unable to Download GamePacks

If Zen Studio > Programmer panel is displaying the error message, 'Unable to Download GamePacks', it means your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is blocking the Cloudflare DNS, used by our GamePack server as an extra layer of security (i.e., click here for more info).

You will need to use any free VPN service to download GamePacks. We recommend ProtonVPN 👍

Updated 28 May 2022
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