Logitech Shifter Overlay

The Cronus Zen Wheel Edition emulates a Logitech G29 with Force Feedback (FFB), and this is how the G29 buttons are mapped to a Logitech G27.

Logitech G27 Layout

All the standard controller buttons have been mapped to the G27 Shifter and Wheel Paddles so you can navigate the PS4 menu without having to use a PS4 controller.

  • L3 + R3 pressed together emulates the PS button
  • L4/L5 and R4/R5 do not exist on a Logitech G29 wheel, so we have mapped the outputs to the G29 Dial (clockwise and counter-clockwise) and G29 Rocker +/-
Logitech G27 Layout (G29 Buttons Re-Mapped)
Logitech G27 Layout (G29 Buttons Re-Mapped)

Logitech G29 Layout

This is the layout of the Logitech G29. Note the Rocker and Dial (which is mapped to L4/L5 and R4/R5 on the G27).

Logitech G29 Layout
Logitech G29 Layout

Logitech G25/G27 Shifter Overlay

To make following the remapped buttons easier, we've designed an overlay sticker for the G25 / G27 shifter. Click on the file below to download the uncompressed image. When printing set the size to 100% so that it fits perfectly to your Logitech G25/G27 shifter plate 👍

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Updated 26 May 2022
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