PlayStation 4

Cronus Zen supports all versions of the PlayStation 4 console. Connect your favorite PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo controllers, including Mouse & Keyboard support, all with access to the famous Cronus GamePacks and GPC script engine.

👉 This page includes the following important information for PlayStation 4 gaming:

👉 Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Controllers to PS4 Guides:

  • Connect by USB
  • Connect by Wireless Adapter
  • Connect by Bluetooth

👉 Other exclusive features available for the PS4 console and DUALSHOCK 4 controller:

  • Cronus Zen Back Button (DUALSHOCK 4) (Buy Now 🛒)

  • Racing Wheel Support (with Force Feedback)


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Console Version


PlayStation 4 (1st Gen)


PlayStation 4 (2nd Gen)


PlayStation 4 Slim


PlayStation 4 Pro


*The Cronus Zen CONSOLE/PC (micro-USB) cable must be connected to the REAR USB PORT of the PlayStation 4 Pro. The front USB ports do not have enough power for Zen. 


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All the controllers, mice, and keyboards that are supported by Cronus Zen will work on the PlayStation 4. That includes most licensed controllers for PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo by either USB, Wireless Adapter, or Bluetooth, as well as most Mice and Keyboards! All default button re-mapping is done automatically by the Zen 👍


  • PS5 Controllers
  • PS4 Controllers
  • PS3 Controllers


  • Xbox X/S Controllers
  • Xbox One Controllers
  • Xbox 360 Controllers


  • Switch Controllers
  • Wii Controllers


  • Mice & Keyboards
  • Mobile Devices
  • Zen Back Button
  • Racing Wheels


Your PS4 controller(s) must be paired to the Zen, not the console, or your controller will disconnect after 8-10 minutes, and MODs and scripts will not work.

To quickly check to see if a PS4 controller is correctly paired to the Zen, hold the PS button and check the controller battery status. If it shows a battery icon, then the controller is NOT paired to the Cronus Zen.

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There are a number of console settings that will improve Zen's functionality and performance. You should also delete any paired controllers to prevent accidental pairing to the PS5 instead of the Zen.

  • Settings > Devices > Controllers > Select Controller then press OPTIONS > Forget Device
  • Settings > Devices > Controllers > Communication Method: Use USB Cable
  • Settings > Power Save Settings > Set Time Until Controllers Turn Off: Do Not Turn Off
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Connect by USB

Connect by Wireless Adapter

Connect by Bluetooth