PS5 Dongle

Connect your favorite supported PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo controller to a Cronus Zen and a PlayStation 5, using the PS4 SPECIALITY method and the custom PS5 Dongle (no longer sold).

👉 This page includes the following important information for PlayStation 5 gaming with the PS4 SPECIALITY method and PS5 Dongle:

👉 Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo PS4 SPECIALITY (PS5 Dongle) Controller Guides:

  • Connect by USB
  • Connect by Wireless Adapter
  • Connect by Bluetooth
  • PS5 Dongle Video Demo


Please read this important PS4 SPECIALITY CHECKLIST before setting up your PS5:

  • Check the game is compatible with PS4 SPECIALITY Click here for the latest list 👈
  • Download ASTRO's Playroom. It's free and great for testing all DUALSENSE controller functions.
  • Do not have any PlayStation controllers paired by Bluetooth to your PS5 (delete them).
  • There may be no DUALSENSE Adaptive Trigger or rumble support in many PS5 games.
  • Do not have any scripts or GamePacks enabled while setting up your controller.
  • Apply the following recommended settings to your PS5....


There are a number of console settings that will improve Zen's functionality and performance. You should also delete any paired controllers to prevent accidental pairing to the PS5 instead of the Zen.

  • Settings > System > Power Saving > Set Time Until Controllers Turn Off > Don't Turn Off
  • Settings > System > Power Saving > Features Available in Rest Mode > Supply Power to USB ports > Always
  • Settings > Accessories > Controllers > Communication > Use USB Cable

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Connect by USB

Connect by Wireless Adapter

Connect by Bluetooth

Updated 08 Jun 2022
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