How to setup Chiaki with Android

Download the client

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Open Chiaki

You can press open after installing it or open Chiaki from your home screen

Chiaki Settings

In the app press on the 3 dots at the top right of your screen.

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Scroll down until you see resolution and fps. Set resolution to 360p and fps to 60

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Connecting the Zen to your Phone

First and foremost, ensure your Zen is up to date. Update instructions can be found at: UPDATE & INSTALL

  1. Connect your PS5 controller to port A1 (Front left). (Any other controller in A2/A3)
  2. Use the PROG Port to connect the Zen to your computer (Port on the right side).
  3. Go to the Device tab in Zen Studio.
  4. Select PC/Mobile as your output protocol (PS4 speciality mode should not be activated!).
  5. Connect the Zen to your phone via the CONSOLE connector with an OTG cable or adapter (Micro USB on the back).
  6. Use this webpage to see if your controller is connected to your phone: https://gamepad-tester.zom/

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PS5 Settings

Enable remote play on your PS5

Step 1. Open Settings using the gear icon in the top right on the PS5 home screen

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Step 2. Go to System then Remote Play

Step 3. Enable Remote Play

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Step 4. Go to Link Device

Step 5. Remember or write down this code (This code will expire in 300 seconds)

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Register the PS5 in Chiaki

In Chiaki, you must register the console. You'll need an Account ID for this. We'll use the Cronus Discord Bot to get this id.

Step 1. If you haven't already, join the Discord server.

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Step 2. On the right click on the Cronus bot and click on the profile picture

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Step 3. Then click on Send Message

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Step 4. With the direct message window open type .psn

Step 5. Click on the blue link, this will open your default browser

Step 6. Login to your Playstation account

Step 7. After you logged in you will be redirected to a white page. Copy the URL of this page.

Step 8. Send .psn <URL> <URL> should be replaced with the URL you copied in step 7. Keep in mind that the command and the URL must be separated by a space.

Step 9. Your Account ID will be sent to you by the bot. Copy the ID from the box on the right or write this ID down.

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Step 10. Return to Chiaki on your phone, and you'll find that your PS5 has been detected. On your screen, tap on the PS5.

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Step 11. Scroll down and insert your ID from step 8 in the PSN Account ID box

Step 12. Insert your Remote Play pin you obtained from your PS5 in the PIN box

Step 13. With everything filled out press Register

Step 14. You will see a new window with a lot of text just press the back button on your phone.

Step 15. Tap on the PS5 in Chiaki, this will start the remote play session.

Updated 23 Jun 2022
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