Connect your favorite supported PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo controllers to a Cronus Zen and a PlayStation 5, using the official Sony PS REMOTE PLAY for Android.

👉 Before you get started, please review the PS REMOTE PLAY CHECKLIST and apply the PS5 CONSOLE SETTINGS.


Please read this important PS REMOTE PLAY CHECKLIST before setting up your PS5:

  • Make sure the device you are running PS REMOTE PLAY on is on the same network as your PS5 (preferably wired).
  • Download Astro's Playroom. It's free and great for testing all DUALSENSE controller functions.
  • Do not have any PlayStation controllers paired by Bluetooth to your PS5 (delete them).
  • There may be no DUALSENSE Adaptive Trigger or rumble support in some PS5 games.
  • Do not have any scripts or GamePacks enabled while setting up your controller.

Download the client

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Open PS Remote Play

You can press open after installing it or open PS Remote Play from your home screen

Log In

Log in to your PSN account. After you have loged in press confirm and continue. Now you will see a screen that tells you to connect a DS4 controller. Just press X in the top left.

App Settings

Open the App Settings using the little gear icon on the top right Go to Video Quality for Remote Play Change Resolution to 360p and Frame Rate to High

PS5 Settings

Enable remote play on your PS5

Step 1. Open Settings using the gear icon in the top right on the PS5 home screen

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Step 2. Go to System then Remote Play

Step 3. Enable Remote Play

Connecting the Zen to your Phone

First and foremost, ensure your Zen is up to date. Update instructions can be found at: UPDATE & INSTALL

  1. Connect your PS5 controller to port A1 (Front left). (Any other controller in A2/A3)
  2. Use the PROG Port to connect the Zen to your computer (Port on the right side).
  3. Go to the Device tab in Zen Studio.
  4. Select PC/Mobile as your output protocol (PS4 speciality mode should not be activated!).
  5. Connect the Zen to your phone via the CONSOLE connector with an OTG cable or adapter (Micro USB on the back).
  6. Use this webpage to see if your controller is connected to your phone: https://gamepad-tester.zom/
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Start Remote Play Session

With the Cronus Zen connected to your phone go back to the PS Remote app Tap on the PS5 icon in the main menu you will see a warning on screen telling you to enable remote play. Press OK Now the app is searching for your console. After the app finds your console you will be automaticly connected. With remote play working open the game ASTRO's PLAYROOM (Free Game) In this game we can test all the controller features to make sure everything is working as it should. You are ready to use the Cronus Zen on your PS5 using your TV or Monitor

Updated 08 Jun 2022
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