Step 1 - Program Zen Firmware

Everything you need to program the Cronus Zen firmware, including where to find the latest version and step by step instructions for both downgrading and upgrading.

Programming the Firmware

To program the Zen's firmware, you must be connected to the internet. If you haven't already downloaded the Firmware Update Tool from the main Cronus Downloads page, here's a direct link 👇 (This is an .exe file and can only be run on Windows 10 or 11).

As of today, the latest Cronus Zen firmware version is 👉

CM Update Tool
CM Update Tool
  1. Connect Zen to your PC from CONSOLE (micro-USB). Hold down the small blue reset button until the OLED Message Screen displays Zen Bootloader
  2. Open the Collective Minds Windows Firmware Update Tool cmupdatetool.exe
  3. If detected correctly, the software will display Collective Minds Cronus ZEN, the serial number, and the firmware version (it also means your micro-USB cable is 100% good). Click on the detected Zen hardware and you'll now see a firmware selection screen with a blue toggle labeled Use the Latest Version Available
  4. Click Continue > Begin Update to flash the latest firmware , or simply click the blue toggle so that it slides to the left, revealing all available firmware versions, from the oldest to the newest.
  5. If you need to fix an E3 error code, downgrade to the oldest firmware by scrolling to the bottom, select it, then click Continue > Begin Update. Once the firmware downgrade has successfully completed, the Zen's RGB LEDs will flash RED, GREEN, BLUE.
  6. Repeat the steps to then upgrade to the latest firmware 
  7. Select the newest firmware from the very top of the list, which is currently , then click Continue > Begin Update. Once the firmware upgrade has successfully been completed, the Zen's RGB LEDs will flash RED, GREEN, BLUE.

OLED screen suddenly looking like it's snowing? Don't worry, that's just the screensaver 🙂


If your Zen is not detected at this point, and you're sure you have connected the correct micro-USB cable to Zen's CONSOLE/PC USB PORT, and even tried another windows PC, unfortunately the USB cable may have developed a fault. The easy solution is to try another cable - you were given a second micro-USB cable with your Zen and that will work too, or any micro-USB cable that you may have.

There's also a more detailed guide which addresses every known Firmware Problem 👈

If you have tried other USB cables and even another Windows PC and it still won't detect the Zen, sadly it means it has likely developed a fault. You should return it to the original point of purchase for a new replacement under its warranty. If you purchased directly from our store, you have a 90 Day warranty which covers ANY fault.