Step 2 - Import Game Profile

Game Profiles are pre-set configurations optimized for each game and console when using the Cronus Zen M&K Settings, giving the user the best mouse performance.

Game Profiles

Game profiles are specifically tuned to be used with specific games and consoles. Each profile also has recommended in-game settings which can be seen by clicking the “Recommended In-Game Settings” info button within the Profile Info portion.

To load a game profile the user must first select the console they are going to use the profile with, then select their desired profile, and lastly, click the “Load” button. The user will know which profile is currently loaded in the Profile Info portion of M&K Settings.

Certain settings will not be available to the user if a Game Profile has been loaded (the ballistic curve, translator settings, and the copy/paste button will all be disabled). The user will still be able to adjust their mappings as well as their Tuning settings. The ballistic curve and translator can be unlocked though when doing so the unlocked setting will be set to default and the copy / paste button will then be enabled.

Game Profiles
Game Profiles


We have provided expert profiles for the most popular games. Let us know if you'd like a game adding and we'll get that taken care of. You can also uploaded your own profiles to the Cronus Discord or to the Cronus Forums. There will also be a MK Profile Library similar to the current GPC Library - that will hopefully be ready May/June 2022.

Apex Legends

Call of Duty: Warzone


Halo: Infinite

Rainbow 6

Updated 20 May 2022
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