Need Help? What We Need...

You've likely been given this page because you need help but haven't provided enough information. Don't be offended; of course, we want to help you, but there are basic details about your setup that you need to provide so you can get the fast answers you're looking for.

Let's start by showing you how NOT to ask for help...

"it's not working" "it says device disconnected" "anti-recoil isn't working" "my mouse is not moving" "controller buttons are not detecting in the game" "the script isn't loading"

What We Need

If you ever need to ask for help in the Community or Cronus Support Center, it's important to include the following information or support staff and community members will be unable to replicate your problem.

  1. Controller Model (the exact model not just 'PS4').
  2. The Platform you are gaming on (PC/XBOX SERIES X/PS5 etc).
  3. The connection you want to use (USB, WIRELESS ADAPTER or BLUETOOTH).

Note: Include a detailed breakdown of your problem so that it can be replicated, otherwise no one can effectively help you.

For clean screenshots of Zen Studio, you can use SHIFT+WINDOWS KEY+S for the Windows snippet tool. It's what we use for all the screenshots in this guide.

Always use the correct Zen port/button labels whenever possible👍

Example: "Xbox Series X 1914 Controller to A1 (USB) and CONSOLE (micro-USB) to Xbox Series X" NOT "PS4 controller connected to the front USB port".

Cronus Zen USB Port/Button Labels
Cronus Zen USB Port/Button Labels