We’re excited to announce the biggest upgrade we’ve ever made to the Cronus platform - BETA 2.1.0

New features include:

  • New Mouse & Keyboard Engine: Now supporting Ballistic Curves for 1:1 PC-like feel.
  • 6 Custom MK Profiles: Each with different Primary/Secondary Keybinds, inc. Tuning, Translator, and Ballistic Curves.
  • Easy MK Code Sharing: Easily share your any of your MK settings as special codes.
  • Ballistic Curves: The holy grail of Mouse and Keyboard accuracy.
  • Game Profiles: Expert profiles have been made for the most popular games.
  • Keyboard View: A new onscreen virtual keyboard, highlighting which button is assigned to which key.
  • PS Remote Play Support: Includes DualSense and Adaptive Triggers support for PS5 Games.
  • 32bit Script Support: More precision, more accuracy, and more automation.
  • New Memory Management: Memory slots are now programmed by Flash Size for more efficient use of space.
  • 64k Memory Slots: 2X Bigger Memory slots - now calculated by GamePack or Script size.
  • Over 3X Faster Programming: A full bank of memory slots now takes 18 seconds to program (previous was 60 seconds).
  • More Xbox Series X/S controllers: Support for more Xbox Series controllers including Razer and PowerA.
  • Share GamePack Settings: Expert settings now available to download and share!
  • Find & Reset Device: Automatically find a disconnected device or reset the Zen automatically.
  • Clear Bluetooth Devices: Fix issues with old/corrupt Bluetooth pairings.
  • Device Monitor Improvements: New Input labels for Mouse, Keyboard and Navcon & F3 shortcut.
  • Enhanced Windows PC Support: PlayStation and Xbox controllers are now correctly recognized.
  • Compiler Improvements: New features include GPC Clean, 16bit Compiler, Font Size and more.
  • More Intuitive Taskbar: Now displays a larger range of different messages and status information.

Click on the title below for more details on each feature:

New Mouse & Keyboard Engine

6 Custom MK Profiles

Easy MK Code Sharing

Ballistic Curves

Game Profiles

Keyboard View

PS Remote Play Support

32bit Script Support

New Memory Management

64k Memory Slots

Over 3X Faster Programming

More Xbox Series X/S Controllers

Share GamePack Settings

Find & Reset Device

Clear Bluetooth Devices

Device Monitor Improvements

Enhanced Windows PC Support

Compiler Improvements

More Intuitive Taskbar

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Updated 06 Jun 2022
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