Working Panels

This is the engine that manages Cronus Zen. It provides easy access to the most advanced MODS, Scripts, GamePacks, and Macros.

Working Panels

The Five Main Working Panels of Zen Studio
The Five Main Working Panels of Zen Studio

Switching between working panels is easily done by using the navigation tabs, as shown in the picture below. The Zen Studio software has five working panels:

  • Library: Interface for viewing and downloading GPC scripts from our online database. It is a quick start for those who don't have any familiarity with programming and want to make use of the available GPC scripts shared by the Cronus Community, or for those who are interested in learning more about the GPC script language through examples.
  • Compiler: Features an integrated development environment (IDE) that provides comprehensive facilities to programmers for GPC scripting development. It consists of a source code editor, syntax highlighting, integrated GPC compiler, and testing tools.
  • Programmer: Gives easy access to all GamePacks (both CronusMAX Plus & Cronus Zen), GPC Scripts, Remapping Profiles, and GPC Files, so you can program any combination of those to one of eight Cronus Zen 32k memory slots. You must be connected to the internet to view our GPC Script Library and the huge collection of GamePacks.
  • Device: Various options including DualShock 4 Light Bar Brightness, Open Device Monitor With Build And Run, Unload Script When Closing Device Monitor, Disable Screen Saver When Device Monitor Is Open, Open GamePack Configuration After Drag And Drop, Enable Autosave In Compiler, Use Legacy 16Bit Compiler, Enable PS4 Speciality (For PS5 Console), Enable PS Remote Play, a graphical display of Connected Devices, set the Emulator Output Protocol to Auto or manually select a preferred gaming platform, select a controller shortcut for Remote Slot Change (change memory slots from your controller without having to press the P1 button), Erase Memory Slots or perform a full Factory Reset.
  • M&K Settings: Get the best possible lag-free mouse translation for console games with the Mouse & Keyboard Settings Plugin. Load a premade Game Profile directly from the M&K Settings interface, or import one of the many shared Game Profiles in the Cronus Zen Community. You can also manually adjust all existing mouse parameters to achieve a PC 1:1 like movement

Updated 25 Apr 2022
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