M&K Settings

Get the best possible mouse translation for console games. You can adjust all existing mouse parameters to achieve a PC like movement between your mouse and the in-game reticule.

M&K Settings Plugin

The Mouse & Keyboard Settings plugin gives you full control over the button/key mapping, mouse sensitivity, Boost, Inverted-Y, Ballistic Curve, and deadzone (Deadzone Compersation, Shape, Analog Stickize) settings.

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M&K settings contain six layouts that are accessible. Each layout serves its own purpose for the different types of gameplay mechanics a user might come across. Each layout has its own Aim Settings and Button Mappings.

The Aim Settings have been enhanced to give the mouse more precision. This includes access to six ballistic curves which provides even more ways to further enhance the mouse experience.

The Button Mapping has been expanded to include Primary, Secondary, and Movement Mappings that are not bound to a single type of input device. There is also a new set of Controller options specifically for controller use alongside a mouse and/or keyboard.

Copy/Paste buttons allow the user to modify entire sections of Mappings or Aim Settings without changing the other sections.

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Updated 18 May 2022
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